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David Chotjewitz is a writer and director from Hamburg.

He published several novels, e.g. "Das Abenteuer des Denkens" (the adventures of thinking) about Albert Einstein. They are published in Germany and some other languages. "Daniel Half Human" was published succesfully in the USA by Simon&Schuster, where it received several awards.

"Crazy Diamond" should follow soon.

With his group Theater: Playstation he produced music-theater projects since 2002. In this projects he worked together with choreographers, musicians, young actors, singers, dancers and rappers.

The Projekts where staged in real sites like abandoned houses, empty apartments, discotheques ore, most recently, a playground.

I his theater-work, one important aspect was always to develop text material in cooperation with the performers. His latest novel, "Crazy Diamond", also derived from such a process.

In the moment he's writing on his new novel about the young Goethe. For 2007 he's planning a Project with kids in Colombia

Read an excerpt of “Daniel Half Human”: www.simonsays.com


Born 1964 in Berlin.

Lived 1967-1973 in Rome/Italy, than in a little village near Frankfurt, since 1984 in Hamburg.

1982 - 1986 training as a book-publisher in the Weismann Verlag and Rowohlt Verlag.

Married and became father in 1983.

1984 first book published: "Frühreif - Geschichten aus der Plastiktüte" ("Precocious -Storys from a plasic-bag")

Since 1985 Short-Storys for broadcasting-stations and journals

1987 first steps in the Theater. Started Aikido, Taiji and other martial arts.

1987-88 Civil Service

since 1989 freelance as writer and translator.

1990 assistant at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg and the Burgtheater Wien

First own performances and theater-works.

1992/93 Performance-studys with Suprapto Suryodarmo in Java/Indonesia

1997/99 study of architecture at the school of fine arts in Hamburg.

Collaboration with the Pascal Theater Company in London.

1998-2000 hiking-guide in Italy.

2000 foundation of Theater: Playstation

Awards: Hamburger Förderpreis für Literatur 1996, Stipendium Stiftung Preussische Seehandlung 1997


Published works:

Novels about Albert Einstein, ("Abenteuer des Denkens" - Adventures of thinking", 1994) and the young Karl Marx (1996).

His novels "Daniel Halber Mensch" (Daniel Half Human, 2000) and "Crazy Diamond" (about a teenaged rockstar) have been translated into english and are published by simon & schuster, New York.

Radio-Dramas for all big german broadcasting-stations.

His radio-drama "Mitten in der Masse" ("In the middle of the mass") was invited to the national radio-drama festival in 1990.

His works for theater include "Der Einäugige Karpfen" ("The one-eyed carp"), an adaption of a shortstory from Kenzaburo Oe in 2000, the award-winning "BLUT on the DANCEFLOOR" (Blood on the dancefloor) in 2002, and "Stirb, Popstar, stirb", (Popstar must die), together with young hip-hoppers, musicians and dancers on Kampnagel Hamburg in 2003/4.

His last theater work, "Boys don't Cry", also produced in cooperation with Kampnagel in 2005, adapted the real story of Brandon Teena and was staged in real apartments and empty houses in the suburbs of Hamburg.

Frühreif, Texte aus der Plastiktüte, (als Herausgeber und Mitautor) Weismann Verlag 1984

Geduld, Hofstätter oder Der erste Kuß (Hörspiel), Südddeutscher Rundfunk 1987

Mitten in der Masse (Hörspiel), NDR 1990

Daniel - Der kindliche Held (Hörspiel), Radio Bremen 1992

Das Abenteuer des Denkens, Roman über Albert Einstein, Alibaba Verlag 1994

Tödliche Safari, Roman, Alibaba Verlag 1995

Karl Marx - Roman aus dem Leben eines jungen Philosophen, 1996

Daniel Halber Mensch, Roman, Carlsen Verlag 2000

Einfache Fahrt, Hörspiel, SDR 2001

Mr. Pitiful – Das Leben des Otis Redding, SDR 2002

Theater: Playstation: BLUT on the DANCEFLOOR, 2002

Stirb, Popstar, stirb, Kampnagel Hamburg 2003/4

Daniel Half Human, Simon and Schuster, New York, 2004

Boys don't Cry, Kampnagel Hamburg 2005

Crazy Diamond, Carlsen Verlag, 2006

david chotjewitzdavid chotjewitz